Alpha Kappa Alpha women always strive for excellence and genuine sisterhood. In order to support continued growth in these areas for OCO Sorors, below are answers to Frequently Asked Questions unique to our sisterhood. Please send suggestions for additional FAQs to the Protocol Committee at


When should paraphernalia be worn?   

Whenever a Soror wears or displays paraphernalia she represents Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Therefore, it should not be worn when promoting a business unless you are an authorized vendor/member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated. Paraphernalia should also not be worn to political events as we are a bipartisan organization.


What are the guidelines for using official Alpha Kappa Alpha Symbols?

The Coat of Arms and The Ivy Leaf Crest are trademarked symbols of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Only the official versions of the Coat of Arms (shield), the Ivy Leaf Crest and the administration’s seal should be used when creating chapter correspondences, written communication, reports, programs, flyers or the like; and can only be obtained from the Corporate Office.

Frogs, bunnies, mice, pink panthers, K’s or being the little sisters to members of any fraternal organizations have no significance nor association to Alpha Kappa Alpha and should not be used.

Official symbols of Alpha Kappa Alpha should not be tattooed on the body.


What is acceptable when taking photos for the sorority?

Order of Rank should be considered in positioning sorors for photographs. Chapter officers and event chairman should be positioned front and center. The Supreme Basileus, Regional Director or Chapter Basileus should be placed on the front row in the center for chapter, regional and international pictures respectively. A protocol committee member should be present to ensure proper placement.

Name tags should be removed when photographs are taken for security and aesthetic reasons.

Caution must be used when allowing a photograph to be taken while representing Alpha Kappa Alpha. Control for the use of that photo must be maintained when it is not taken for personal use or taken by a non-member. Sorors must be able to maintain the integrity of, and authorize when and where a photo may be used when it involves Alpha Kappa Alpha insignia.

The use of the pinky hand gesture is reserved for casual or social settings. It should not be used in photos in a business setting.


Is it appropriate to take photos during chapter meetings, regional conferences, or other closed door events and post to social media?

Sorors are not permitted to post, tweet, blog or comment on Alpha Kappa Alpha business that is conducted during chapter meeting, plenary sessions, executive board, committee meeting or other occasions deemed private or confidential for the means of posting to social media sites.


When should I participate in a step show?

Participation in step shows by graduate and undergraduate chapters must be approved by the Regional Director. Attire, language, performance and content must appropriately reflect knowledge of and adhere to Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Soror Code of Ethics.


What is a stroll and party walk?

Some songs are specific to certain Greek organizations. “Set It Off” is considered ‘our national or traditional’ stroll song. OCO participated in a “Set It Off” party walk/stroll at our December 2019 Christmas Party, OCO Founder’s Day Event and at the Prince William National Pan- Hellenic Council Trophy Competition at Babylon. Sorors may also party walk/stroll at non-sorority events like wedding receptions. Any opportunity to stroll/party walk is considered a performance. The day of the event is not the time to jump in line and attempt to learn the moves of a stroll or party walk. Mistakes are easily spotted in a party walk/stroll line.

Sorors should be performance ready during a stroll/party walk. Soror who find this challenging, but would like to participate, can still participate by holding up pinkies or mirrors around the stroll line.

The first soror in the line is the Ace. The Ace sets the pace for the line. It’s the job of every soror in the line to be in unison to follow Ace’s anticipated steps from the beginning to the end of the stroll.

Below are two links below that show the difference between a stroll team and a party walk/stroll. The stroll team has on matching green tops. In the party walk/stroll video, the sorors are wearing non-matching white outfits.

Stroll team:

Party walk/stroll team:


Is it appropriate to use the term ‘Soror’ during a public event?

The titles, Ms., Mrs., Miss, Dr., The Honorable or Attorney should be used at public events in lieu of “soror.” The words “sister” or “member of Alpha Kappa Alpha” should be used in lieu of “soror.” Members must exercise care and use of appropriate terms for public events.


What is the protocol on electronics during Chapter meeting?

All electronics should be silenced during Chapter meeting.