Target 3 Chairman: Soror Dawn King

Target 3 Co-Chairmen:

Sub-Committee Leads and Co-Leads

Entrepreneurship and Black Dollar 365

Operation AKA Assist

Personal Financial Planning and Asset Accumulation and Credit Repair and Monitoring

Important Links:

  • Black Business Directory Online Collection Form: please click here to submit any Black or Brown businesses used or patronized such as Doctors, Lawyers, Home Improvement companies, Landscaping companies, Real Estate companies, Tax Accountants, and/or CPAs.
  • Marketing Monday’s Form: All OCO Entrepreneurs, please click here to promote an event or market your business during Marketing Monday’s.
  • 2021 Black Dollar 365 Tracker: Please click here to submit your Black Dollars for the month.
  • Black Owned Restaurant Directory: Click here to submit a Black Owned Restaurant with delivery or pick-up services.

Committee Meeting Details: The Target 3 committee meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. The Go To meeting link is included on the Team Up program calendar.

Upcoming Events:

Money Matters Forum Part II

  • Date: Fall 2021 (exact date TBD)
  • Sub-committee: Personal Financial Planning and Asset Accumulation/Credit Repair and Monitoring
  • Sub-committee Lead: Soror Sharon Minor
  • Sub-committee Co-Lead: Soror Carolyn Vines Sapla
  • Email: